Best 10 FREE VPN for PUBG Mobile

Top 10 FREE VPN for PUBG Mobile

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Best 10 FREE VPN for PUBG Mobile, Best Free Vpn For PUBG Top 10 VPN for Pubg, Best VPN for PUBG, VPN for PUBG Crate Opening:

PUBG is one of the most popular and addictive multiplayer games available for young people. If you take a survey, you will find that millions of people around the world play PUBG during their free time and the game continues to gain demand and popularity. In simple words, PUBG is an entertaining, fun, and addictive game.

In addition to providing entertainment, the game allows players to socialize through the use of its built-in live chat system. However, many countries, including India, have recently banned PUBG from their locations. If you are from India or any other similar country but want to enjoy an online gaming application, you should look to use an effective VPN server for PUBG.

When you find the right VPN for the PUBG provider, you can enrich the PUBG experience and protect yourself from all kinds of vulnerabilities. A premium type of VPN is a great option for your browsing and gaming requirements.


After pubg mobile ban in India, it has become very difficult to access pubg mobile, you can't even open pubg game without VPN. In such situation, you will need a reliable vpn, so that you can not only play pubg, but also enjoy other things. You can take advantage of these things using vpn:

  1. Play PUBG Mobile after ban.
  2. Lag-free gameplay.
  3. Open CREATE and get legendary items.
  4. Low PING (below 90 ms).
  5. Change server.
  6. Enjoy your game on the ASIA server.
  7. Play with other Indian players.

List of the best VPNs for PUBG Mobile

free vpn for pubg mobile download, free vpn for pubg mobile in india, free vpn for pubg pc, free vpn for pubg in india, free vpn for pubg lite
free vpn for pubg mobile download

1 Express VPN Paid
2 SurfShark VPN Paid
3 Nord VPN Free
4 IPVanish VPN Paid
5 Pure VPN Paid or Free
6 Cyber Ghost VPN Paid
7 Private VPN Paid
8 Hotspot Shield VPN Paid
9 Vypr VPN Paid
10 Private Internet Access Paid

Express VPN:

One of the best VPNs for PUBG is Express VPN. The Express VPN server operates approximately 3,000 services in approximately 94 different countries. It's the right choice to unlock geo-restricted solutions, including PUBG. Express VPN regularly features high speeds and incorporates unlimited bandwidth to avoid lag issues during gameplay.

In addition, the server allows you to configure connections with 5 different devices simultaneously. The service uses 256-bit AES encryption against various leaks and has a kill switch to stop the data transfer process if you suddenly lose your VPN connection. Also, the server comes with a 24/7 live chat.

The main benefits of the server are:
  1. Provides fast, low-latency connections.
  2. Offers the best possible privacy and security.
  3. Unlock various contents to facilitate the game.

You can get Express VPN apps for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android devices. You even get custom firmware for different routers to protect your devices simultaneously.

SurfShark VPN:

Another best VPN for PUBG is Surfshark VPN which provides access to 60 different countries and 1300 servers. It is preferred among gamers due to its ability to provide unlimited bandwidth, high operating speed, and excellent unlocking ability. Also, the VPN removes any connection limits to allow you to protect your devices simultaneously.

Surfshark VPN comes with a kill switch to keep your traffic hidden and uses 256-bit encryption to protect leaks. The server features automated malware scans and blocks ads while allowing you to bypass online restrictions across the country. The VPN does not record any details to highlight your identity and provides 24/7 support via live chat.

The benefits of VPN are:
  1. Strict commitment to providing security.
  2. Avoid any type of trunk.
  3. Allows connection of unlimited devices.

Surfshark VPN provides Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows apps, while you have to get manual setup to use it to operate your home routers.

Nord VPN:

The most popular VPN for PUBG is NORD. NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers online, which are spread across 59 different countries. The service is the fastest to stream 4K videos on different platforms to avoid any lag when playing PUBG.

With the excellent unblocking ability and up to a maximum of 6 different connections allowed simultaneously, the Nord VPN server allows you to see everything you want and anywhere while providing enhanced security.

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free vpn for pubg mobile download

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free vpn for pubg mobile in india

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free vpn for pubg pc

Nord VPN has 256-bit AES encryption, custom killer switch, and protection against malware scanning and automated ad blocks. If you have any problems, you can reach out to the VPN customer service via 24 × 7 live chat.

This VPN offers the following benefits:
  1. Strong emphasis on privacy and security.
  2. Reliable and faster download and transmission speed.
  3. Zero log policies.

Nord VPN has apps for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux, while you can manually install it on various supported network routers.
Nord VPN is my favorite PUBG VPN of all time.

IPVanish VPN:

free vpn for pubg mobile download, free vpn for pubg mobile in india, free vpn for pubg pc, free vpn for pubg in india, free vpn for pubg lite
best free vpn for pubg mobile in nepal

IPVanish VPN is a fast VPN server and incorporates 1,300 online servers from 60 different countries. The service can unlock different platforms easily and thus you have no difficulty in accessing the player's battlegrounds at their university or work.

Another unique feature of IPVanish VPN is that it allows you to establish an unlimited number of connections at the same time.

IPVanish VPN will hide your activities using the right combination of 256-bit encryption and offers leak protection. Additionally, the server has a kill switch and allows you to encrypt your online traffic or block any local connection entirely.

The VPN avoids tracking your activities as it doesn't keep any logs. If you need help, you can reach out to customer service via live chat 24/7.

The main benefits of the VPN are:
  1. Exclude any registration policy.
  2. Fastest operation to allow lag-free gaming.
  3. Efficient encryption and privacy protection facility.

The IPVanish VPN server provides applications for MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android devices. Also, you can manually configure it to use it with different Linux systems and choose routers online.

Pure VPN:

Pure VPN supports around 2000 servers and in 140 different countries. They operate at high speed and provide military grade encryption. Even Pure VPN has split tunneling as a useful feature to route some of your online traffic from it.

Not only does the VPN have leak protection and an automatic kill switch, it also has dedicated IP addresses, spam filter, NAT firewall, DDoS protection, and antivirus software. Suitable VPN for PUBG, try it today.

Cyber ​​Ghost VPN:

The next VPN for PUBG is Cyber ​​Ghost. Cyber ​​Ghost VPN incorporates 5,500 servers and operates in 89 different countries. Consequently, you can get a low latency connection regardless of where you are from in the world.

The VPN for PUBG also gives you access to most of the streaming platforms like netflix, Hotstar, etc. In fact, Cyber ​​Ghost only has a few limits on its activities. With this service, you can establish a maximum of seven connections simultaneously.

Cyber ​​Ghost VPN offers an easy-to-use service based on its default security features such as 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, malware scanner, and ad blocker. You can make use of these functions in each version.

The best thing is, Cyber ​​Ghost never records any personally identifiable information. If you have any problems, you can contact Cyber ​​Ghost VPN's live chat support available 24 × 7.

The benefits of the server are:
  1. Availability of more than 5000 high-speed online servers worldwide.
  2. Offers a comprehensive level of security.
  3. Unblock many geo-restricted contents efficiently.

Cyber ​​Ghost VPN has apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. Also, if you want the service on 
your wireless router or Linux device, just configure the server manually.

Private VPN:

One of the best VPNs that work for PUBG is the "Private VPN". Private VPN assures its users high speed and an excellent level of security without any compromise. Although it has a small network, it supports 150 different servers operating in 60 countries. The VPN allows you to use speed-friendly 128-bit encryption or AES 256-bit encryption.

The unlimited bandwidth of private VPNs allows them to retain the excellent high speeds and allow a fast connection. Other benefits include a kill switch, simple design, data backup, and excellent customer support for different types of platforms and devices.

Hotspot Shield VPN:

Try this VPN n. 1 for PUBG as it heads to Crate Opening. Hotspot Shield VPN provides access to more than 3,200 servers and in approximately 80 countries. With unlimited data, continuous high speed, unrestricted bandwidth, the service is perfect for everyone who wants to play PUBG game.

The server unlocks different platforms and gives the freedom to access almost all kinds of inaccessible content. Apart from this, the VPN allows 5 simultaneous device connections.
Hotspot Shield VPN has 256-bit encryption and DNS leak protection. 

Also, it has a kill switch as a default feature. The VPN has automatic Wi-Fi protection and allows certain applications to bypass it. The server never keeps a record of your identified information once you disconnect it. Along with this, you can approach customer support via 24 × 7 live chat.

The benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN are:

  1. Enables fast and reliable speeds.
  2. Strong privacy and security protections.
  3. Exceptional Unlocking Potential.

Hotspot Shield has apps for iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. However, you do need a manual installation if you want it on Linux systems and various other supported routers.

Vypr VPN:

Vypr VPN removes third party involvement and thus manages your server. Therefore, you ensure the safety of your data and have more than 700 different servers in 70 locations.

Vypr VPN optimizes each of its online servers to allow you to enjoy the high speed and thus allows you to play PUBG without any interruption. The VPN server provides DDoS protection and features proprietary Chameleon technology to bypass any type of restrictive firewall.

Vypr VPN is a reliable VPN service, which allows you to connect the VPN server on 5 devices simultaneously. The VPN provides the best encryption protocols and strengths, while providing continuous 24/7 support.

Private internet access

free vpn for pubg mobile download, free vpn for pubg mobile in india, free vpn for pubg pc, free vpn for pubg in india, free vpn for pubg lite
free vpn for pubg pc

Lastly, private internet access is preferable among privacy-conscious gamers. The VPN supports more than 3,200 high-speed servers and operates in 40 different countries. One of the main advantages of this VPN is that it has military grade encryption.

Plus, it has a kill switch, leak protection, and a strict no-logs policy. Whether you're streaming or playing a game, you don't experience any lag issues, while ensuring the security of your information.

How to use VPNs for playing PUBG?

Once you have selected your VPN, you can install it and set it for playing PUBG on your device. Check how to set a VPN for PUBG explained below through various steps:

  1. Search for chosen VPN online. If the VPN is paid then go to the plan section of the VPNs.
  2. Select the plan as per your preference.
  3. Sign up and make the payment.
  4. Click on the download link and install it.
  5. Now, you have to launch the app.
  6. Using your valid credentials, sign in.
  7. Select the server as per your wish.
  8. Once connected to a server, you can start enjoying PUBG with your VPN

All the gamers who are looking for VPNs to play PUBG must be beware of VPNs that claim to be free and providing fast speed. You are requested to select your VPN wisely for enhancing your PUBG playing experience. 
For any issues regarding Best Free VPN for PUBG Mobile, write your queries in the comment section.

Happy Gaming!!!!


VPN prevents others from hacking your laptop or PC device and tracking the location. With the help of Best VPN for PUBG Mobile, you can create secure tunnels and route your online traffic safely with the help of the respective tunnels. In this way, you will hope that it cannot be tracked online.

Whenever you try to connect your favorite PUBG game to an online server, which is blocked in your country or location, you can stay on your loading page. Because of this, his game character becomes an easy target for various other players.

On the other hand, if you use a VPN, you can bypass Geo blocks, remain anonymous, and get full access to your favorite game. So, depending on your choice and the type of portable device or app you use, you can use any of the best VPNs for PUBG available to play your favorite PUBG Mobile.

People also ask About Best 10 FREE VPN for PUBG Mobile

Which free VPN is best for PUBG?
  1. NordVPN offers Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS apps. It can be manually installed. on supported network routers.
  2. Pros.
  3. Major emphasis on security and privacy.
  4. Excellent speeds for downloading and streaming.
  5. Accepts cryptocurrencies.
  6. Zero-logs policy.
  7. Top-notch support.
What is the best VPN for PUBG mobile?

5 Best VPN for PUBG Mobile:
  1. NordVPN – Paid. This VPN provides lightning-fast speeds and is ideal for 4K video viewing.
  2. SurfShark – Paid. If you're looking for a low-cost VPN, SurfShark is the way to go, and they've built their business around it.
  3. Windscribe – Free.
  4. Hotspot Shield – Free.
How do I get free PUBG mobile by VPN?

Here is how you should proceed to get free skins:
  • Install the VPN in your android smartphone.
  • Visit websites for free user name and password for NordVPN.
  • Connect to the Israel Server.
  • Open PUBG Game.
  • Change region to Israel in the setting tab.
  • Login to access classic crate coupons.
What is a good free VPN?

The best free VPN services you can download today:
  1. ProtonVPN Free. Truly secure with unlimited data – the best free VPN.
  2. Windscribe. Generous on data, and secure too.
  3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN. Decent free VPN with generous data allowances.
  4. TunnelBear Free VPN. Great identity protection for free.
  5. Speedify. Super secure speed.

Which country is best for PUBG?
  1. 10 best PUBG playing countries in 2022 ranked
  2. Japan.
  3. Russian Federation.
  4. South Korea.
  5. China.
  6. Finland.
  7. Thailand. A good number of PUBG players come from Thailand.
  8. Canada. PUBG has won great followership among Canadian game addicts.
  9. Norway. PUBG Norway.
Is VPN safe for PUBG mobile?

As of now, PUBG Mobile can be played using a VPN. However, the government will likely enforce a blanket ban on the game, similar to the ban on TikTok. This means that PUBG Mobile will not work even while using a VPN which means you won't be able to circumvent the ban.

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