BGMI1.8 Full list Release Date, Royale Pass & Rewards

BGMI 1.8 Leaks: Release Date, Royale Pass & Rewards

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BGMI1.8 Full list Release Date, Royale Pass & Rewards:

BGMI 1.8 RP leaks: Full list of rewards revealed Check out BGMI 1.8 leaks, such as release date, royale pass, and rewards here, as well as new features in the upcoming update 1.8.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 is coming soon. Check out BGMI 1.8 leaks, such as release date, royale pass, and rewards here. Then, let's see which new features are coming to this game in the upcoming update 1.8.

BGMI 1.8 Release Date & Rules

KRAFTON has introduced a new Royale Pass system that includes a monthly RP cycle. The maximum RP rank is also reduced from 100 levels to 50 levels. Moreover, the new circle will start over every month. The current RP season M2 will ends on September 16th, 2022. Then, the new RP M3 will be released from September 17th to 18th, 2022.

BGMI 1.8 Royale Pass

bgmi 1.8 royal pass leaks, bgmi 1.8 rewards, bgmi season 3 release date, bgmi m3 royal pass release date
bgmi 1.8 rewards

According to the game's description, you can still participate in the RP for free and complete missions to rank up the Pass for more rewards. There are 50 rewards from the Free Pass. However, you can upgrade to Elite Pass to receive more than 100 rewards from both Free Pass and Elite Pass.

BGMI players can use both points and UC to rank up fast and get all rewards in a second. After Rank 50, players can use RP points to redeem further rewards. You need to use all RP points up before this season ends. After September 16th, all RP points of Season M2 will expire. Besides, unused RP point cards, RP Mission cards, and RP Upgrade Cards of this season will also be invalid after this season ends.

Leaked BGMI 1.8 Rewards

bgmi 1.8 end date, bgmi new season date, bgmi royale pass price in india
bgmi 1.8 release date

Rewards in BGMI are always the reason for players to upgrade RP or attempt to rank up. Each season has a unique set of themed skins for characters, weapons, and supplies. In addition to them, there are many fixed rewards, such as AG, BP, silver fragments, RP point cards, UC, etc.

Here are the exclusive rewards of the BGMI 1.8 leaks recently:
  1. Emotes: Twist Dance (the character will hold her hands behind her head and shake her bell left and right); Deep Fried (serving a chip box); Macha Bruiser (a cool dance).
  2. Themed Bundles: Deep-Fried Set (Chip box headgear and colorful outfits; Macha Bruiser Set (a high-tech armor set).
  3. Weapon Skins: Lone Wolf QBZ skin (cool black skin), Veggie Parcel M16A4 (all black skin).
  4. Companion: German Shepherd & German Shepherd Battle Set.
  5. Outfit sets: Farm Fresh Cover, Lone Wolf set, Forerunner set, Chrono Cyborg set (including bundle, mask, and cover).
  6. Vehicle Skin: Mouse Trap UAZ.
  7. Ornament: Taco, Ivory Knight.
  8. Veggie Carton backpack.
  9. Deadly Cabbage grenade.
  10. Fruit Splash Finish.
  11. Supermarket Sale Parachute.

Those are all the names of leaked rewards in BGMI 1.8. Top up UC in BGMI to upgrade the RP to Elite Pass and complete missions to get all these attractive rewards.

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New Features In BGMI 1.6

The new version 1.6 of PUBG Mobile and BGMI will also arrive in a few days or next week. It often comes three to five days before the new RP season. It means that BMGI update 1.6 may come to you between September 12th and 15th, 2022. There are a lot of new features that will come to the game in this update, especially the comeback of Vikendi 2.0.

Flora Menace Mode in Erangel:

bgmi 1.8 royal pass leaks, bgmi 1.8 rewards, bgmi season 3 release date, bgmi m3 royal pass release date
bgmi m3 royal pass release date

Flora Menace is a new amazing game mode you can only experience and play on the first map - Erangel. Some small plot called Rejuvenation Barrier will appear on the map randomly. You can loot supplies and heal HP there.
Cell-Matrix spawns in certain locations on the map that takes you to the Mother Ship. You need to fight off enemies on the Mother Ship to take the Nacore chip. Then, use those chips to open the DynaHex Supplies for high-standard supplies.

New Evoground Modes:

bgmi 1.8 end date, bgmi new season date, bgmi royale pass price in india
bgmi 1.8 end date

  • In the next update, many Evogroud modes will be added again.
  • Infection Mode is a PvP mode in which players will be human or zombies. The zombie team can infect the human team by scratching them.
  • Survive Till Dawn is a PvE mode in which players have to counter and fight off zombies and creepy creatures. All those creatures are infected. They can kill you with a melee attack. Zombie waves often take play at night. Players need to try to survive till dawn.

Metro Royale:

bgmi 1.8 royal pass leaks, bgmi 1.8 rewards, bgmi season 3 release date, bgmi m3 royal pass release date
bgmi new season date

Reunion is another PvE game mode. You and your teammates have to counter IA shooters on many bases. They are insanely better than bots. Therefore, you need to try to survive from them, earn in-game cash, and escapee alive to remain your earnings. If you die before exiting, you lose all your supplies. Try to bring your loots to the lobby and sell them at the black market to earn more cash. Then, you can buy better gear when you get richer.

Vikendi 2.0:

bgmi season 2 end date, bgmi new season date, bgmi royale pass price in india
bgmi royale pass price in india

The comeback of the underrate map Vikendi made a lot of players anticipate. It's because Vikendi 2.0 has so many fantastic additions and improvements.

  • An automatic train system like the PC version takes you to explore around the map. It's also a hot combat location. There are 9 trains, 6 railways, and 12 stations.
  • Dino Land has totally new looks and more structures to explore and cover in combat.
  • Some small locations like Tovar and Movatra are removed. Volnova and Abbey are expanded. A new big warehouse is added.
  • Vikendi Reworked is added to brings two weather modes, including clear sky and snowing sky.

BGMI 1.8 Royale Pass release date and leaked rewards

Krafton has released the much-awaited battle royale title BGMI in the country. The title offers the same BR gaming experience with Ultra HD quality graphics and immersive elements. Players can purchase many interesting in-game items like Royale Pass, upgradable weapons, and much more.
Battlegrounds Mobile India has introduced a new Royale Pass system. In the new system, there is a monthly RP cycle instead of the two-month RP cycle. Currently, the maximum RP rank is shifted to 50 from 100 RP rank.

BGMI 1.8 Royale Pass release date

bgmi 1.8 end date, bgmi new season date, bgmi royale pass price in india
BGMI 1.8 Full list Release Date, Royale Pass & Rewards

The M3 RP season is expected to commence from 17th to 19th September 2022. The new RP pricing is set at 360 UC for Elite Royale Pass and 960 UC for Elite Plus Royale Pass.
According to the leaks, the next season is expected to be based on food items. In the leaks, the RP 
avatar for 1.8 with French Fries headgear can be seen.

BGMI RP 1.8 Treasure rewards leak

bgmi1.8 royal pass leaks, bgmi 1.8 rewards, bgmi season 3 release date, bgmi m3 royal pass release date
BGMI 1.8 Full list Release Date, Royale Pass & Rewards

The next RP season will feature new treasure rewards, including the Rabbit Set, Golden Kar98k, Golden M16A4, and many more times. These rewards were available in the 1.8 Royale Pass of the game. Players who could not get these rewards in the previous RP season can get them in the M3 Royale Pass treasure rewards section.

  • BGMI C1S2 tier reward leaksBronze Tier reward.
  • 200 silver fragments.
  • Silver Tier reward.
  • 400 silver fragments.
  • Diamond Tier Reward.

Upon reaching the Diamond tier, players will receive the C1S2 Groza skin. The textures are not available yet but will be updated soon. Along with the Groza skin, players will get 1000 silver fragments.

  • Ace Tier Reward.
  • The C1S2 Ace tier rewards are as follows:
  • C1S2 Ace name tagC1S2 Ace titleExclusive team-up effect.

People also ask About BGMI 1.8

When BGMI new update is coming?

When Is the Bgmi New Update 1.6 Release Date? The Bgmi New Update 1.6 is expected to be released within the days August 14 – August 20. The Bgmi New Update 1.6 can be released on any date within the days of August 14 to August 20.

Is there any update in BGMI?

  1. The BGMI 1.5 update release date is set to be 13 July 2022. New elements will be. introduced on 14 July 2022 at 7:30 AM onwards in India.
  2. Battleground Mobile India 1.5 Update.
  3. Game Battleground Mobile India – BGMI.
  4. Download Links Check Below.
  5. Update Release date 13 July 2022.

How do I update BGMI?

At first, you have to BGMI 1.5 Update Download the file from Google Play Store or App Store. Once you download the file, you have to allow the 'install from unknown sources' in your phone. After this, you will be able to install the file successfully in your phone. Now, you have to copy the folder com.

Is BGMI available on iOS?

The BGMI iOS app is available for download on the Apple App Store. Users can search for “Battlegrounds Mobile India” or simply click here (using their iPhone or iPad) to redirect to the BGMI iOS App Store listing. Next, tap on “Get” and authenticate yourself using your Apple ID credentials or via Face ID.

How do you get free UC in BGMI?
  • How to get free UC in BGMI.
  • Google Opinion Rewards app is an authorized Google app that allows users to take part in surveys and earn Google Play balance.
  • Next on the list is Giveaways.
  • Many YouTube gaming content creators host daily custom rooms and tournaments with prizes like UC, Elite Royale Pass, and more.

How do I download Bgmi?
  1. Battlegrounds Mobile India Announces 50M Downloads Rewards: Check Details.
  2. Visit the Apple iOS app store.
  3. Go to the search bar and type Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  4. Click on 'Get' button.
  5. Key in your apple credentials if you are not already signed in.
  6. Wait for the download and then click on open.
  7. Now you can play the game.

How do I download BGMI beta version?

  • Step 1: Install the 'Tap Tap' app & open this link to access the BGMI Beta Download Page.
  • Step 2: Download the game (702MB) & enable “Install from Unknown Sources” if asked.
  • Step 3: Open successful download of all game files, you'll be asked to restart the game, please comply.

How do I get into the Bgmi beta?

  • Step 1: Users must click on the link below to become a Beta tester. BGMI Beta Program: Click here.
  • Step 2: Players will find an option stating “Become a Tester” on their screens. Upon clicking on that, they'd join the Beta Program.

The player needs to reach 4200 tier ranking points to get into the Ace tier. Along with the discussed tier rewards, players will also receive 1600 silver fragments.
Those are all BGMI 1.8 leaks and revealed information about the upcoming update 1.6. This big update will bring you big fun as well.

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