How to Fix Lag and Low FPS Issues in Battlegrounds Mobile India

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How to Fix Ping Problem in BGMI

How to Fix Ping Problem in BGMI:

How to Fix Low FPS in BGMI: 5 Best Things You Can Try Krafton has recently released the early access of Battlegrounds Mobile India which is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. BGMI is exclusively available for Indian users with dedicated servers, but the players are having issues while playing the game.

However, the public version is not yet out, so it’s obvious that in the beta release the players will experience lags, frame drops, or rendering issues. Most of the players are complaining about the issues they get in the game, so here we are to help you. We will explain to you how to fix the lag, low FPS, or any other issue in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

How to Fix Low FPS & Lagging Issue in BGMI 2022

If you are experiencing any issue in BGMI, Krafton has posted a full guide on how to resolve it. You can visit the official website and check out the methods on how to fix the issues.

Method 1: Close the Background Apps:

To run the Battlegrounds Mobile India, make sure you have a proper internet connection. If your gameplay is disturbed then you will be disconnected from the ongoing game. So, make sure no apps are running in the background. Before starting the BGMI game, close all the apps. If the apps are running, it uses mobile data to function and because of that the players will see the drop-in frame rate.

Method 2: Clear Storage & Use Wifi:

You must regularly clear the cache memory to get a smooth gameplay experience. Exit the game and clear the storage of your device and log in to the game again.
Most of the players face a low frame rate because they are using mobile data. As BGMI requires a stable internet connection make sure you use Wifi over cellular data. Even with Wifi, the players should have better bandwidth and connection as compared to data.

Method 3: Try to Change the Graphics:

Most of the gamers use high visual outputs to make the game look more realistic. But, if you have a low-end device then make sure you use low graphics, as such devices face issues while the game is running. So, it is advised to use lower graphics settings to get a high frame rate.

How to Fix the Black/Blurred Rendering Issue 2022

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bgmi lag fix by download

If you are facing the rendering issue while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India then try to fix it by following the given steps.

  • You can close and restart the BGMI game.
  • Once the game is restarted, on the Login page, click on the Repair button
  • Delete the map in which you are getting an issue
  • Now, re-open the game and download that map again.
  • Apart from these fixes, you must also check other things like the battery of the phone, avoid playing while your phone is overheated, check the signal at the bottom left while playing a match. If the button is yellow or red, then the ping is high.

BGMI Ping Fix

To fix this, simply you have to uninstall those unnecessary applications which you do not use.
A lot of people also do that by watching videos from youtube and changing their APN settings, but let me tell you, this method does not work for everyone, if yours does, then you can try.
If you want to fix high ping, then try the trick I have told you below and see that your ping issue will be fixed.

How to Fix Ping Problem in BGMI

There are many applications in your mobile, system apps and those apps which you have downloaded are also running in your background somewhere and consume your data, so you will face some problems like BGMI High Ping

So, to fix this, you have to go to the settings of your mobile like I have shown below:

  • Go To Your Mobile Settings.
  • Search Data Usage and Click on It.
  • As soon as you click on Data Usage, you will get such interface as I have shown below.
  • Then find out the application whose data usage you want to stop.
  • You will see the background data written below; you have to turn it off as you can see in the image above.

BGMI Ping Fix for Jio Users

how to fix lag in bgmi in 3gb ram, bgmi lag fix apk, bgmi lag fix file, bgmi lag fix gfx tool
bgmi lag fix config file download

If after doing this trick, your ping becomes correct and becomes very high in the middle of the match, then you have to call a number and hold which I have given you below. This Trick is Only for Jio Users

Call – 1991 call hold and then play BGMi.

How to Fix High Ping Problem in BGMI

1 Trick:

You will need to download an application to use this trick. First of all, you have to open Google Play Store, after that, you have to install Quick app by searching it in the search bar. After opening this application, you have to connect to India’s server and after that, you have to open BGMI.

2 Trick:

In this trick, you have to go to the settings of your smartphone, after that you have to open it by clicking on the option of mobile network, after opening, the operator whose SIM card you use, the option of that SIM card will be visible in front of you. In the same window, you will also get to see the option of Access Point Names, by opening which you have to do “Reset to Default”.

3 Trick:

To use this trick, you have to go to the app information of BGMI game, after that, you have to open that option by clicking on the storage option, after that you have to click on clear cache. If even this does not solve your problem, then you have to click on the option of clear data but keep in mind that after clearing the data, you will have to update the game and log in again.

4 Trick:

To use this trick, you have to go to the settings of the phone, after that, you have to go to the option of about phone and activate the developer mode. By going to developer mode, you have to scroll down where you will get to see an option named Background Process Limit.

In this option, you have to select the option of at most 1 process or at most 2 processes, after which if you select the option of at most 1 process then only one application will run in the background of the phone and in the same way if you select the option of at most 2 processes then only two applications will be running in the background of the phone.

The advantage of these options is that other applications running in the background on the phone will not use the Internet and you can give the full benefit of the Internet to the BGMI game.

5 Trick:

This trick is the simplest and most people will know this trick because in this trick only you have to reboot your phone once and by doing this many times your high ping problem gets solved.
These were five such tricks that will help you solve the ping issue in BGMI games to a great extent.

High Ping Problem: Causes & Effects

The high ping problem in both BGMI and PUBG Mobile is closely related to connection problem, mostly caused by poor internet connection. It may be due to your either wireless condition or device condition.

High ping issue in BGMI is very annoying because it causes many problems during your gaming experience. Here are some effects that high ping may cause.
  1. You cannot loot supplies.
  2. Poor internet connection disturbs during combat. When you come back to the battleground, you may have been killed already.
  3. You cannot aim accurately.
  4. Your device cannot load the signals.

As a result, you cannot get a Chicken Dinner. High ping also prevents you from ranking up due to poor career results. Therefore, a lot of players want to know how to solve the high ping problems in PUBG Mobile in general and BGMI in particular to improve their career results.

How To Solve the High Ping Problem in BGMI?

There are some tips to solve the high ping problem in BGMI and PUBG Mobile or play better with high ping if you cannot deal with the poor internet connection.

#1. Change Your Network:

If your current network has a poor connection, you may consider changing the network. Most of the BGMI players have to play with high ping due to poor network connection. If your cellular data network works badly, you can switch to a wireless network. The wifi network often has a stronger connection.

#2. Head To Another Location:

If the internet connection is not the cause of high ping but your device condition is the reason, you may upgrade to a high-end device or head to a less crowded location. When you land in a crowded place or a big town, your phone cannot load all signals. You should play in small compounds so that your phone and load the graphics well.

In the real world, you should stay away from other devices that are also connecting to the internet to have a better connection. When you play the game when sharing a network with other devices, your phone may also get a poor connection.

#3. Customize DNS-Server:

Go to the internet setting on your smartphone and customize your DNS server. It prevents your network from being hacked. You may use a third-party tool to do it. However, if you enter the wrong address, your internet connection will be disabled.

#4. Improve Your Skills:

Improving your skills also help boost your career result in BGMI. Practice and improve all game skills in the TDM mode to build the gaming memory when playing BGMI with low settings. If you play this game on a low-end device, reduce your graphics and sound quality to reduce the number of signals your phone has to load.

#5. Turn Off Background Running Apps:

Another tip to solve the high ping problem in BGMI is turning off background running apps. It helps your phone run better. Some background running apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. consume cellular data. Therefore, they also cause high ping in BGMI.

Those are tips to stop playing with the high ping problem in BGMI. It may help you play better and improve your game career result.

People also ask About Battlegrounds Mobile India

bgmi lag fix by download, bgmi lag fix config file download, how to fix lag in bgmi in 2gb ram, how to fix lag in bgmi in realme 6
how to fix lag in bgmi in 2gb ram

How do I stop BGMI from lagging?
  1. Disable Auto UpdatesA unique feature of the Play Store upgrades apps on devices. immediately as they are available. They have a lot of data, which leads to a higher ping.
  2. Clear Cache. In addition, emptying the cache for players is another potential solution.
  3. Use a GFX Tool.
How do I make BGMI run smoother?
  • Clean your mobile.
  • More apps consume more portion of RAM and battery.
  • And they disturb the performance of other necessary app processes.
  • So, it's better to remove unwanted files and apps from your device to get a higher FPS gameplay of BGMI.
Why does BGMI lag so much?

The cooling system witnesses overheating and automatically reduces to frame rates to calm down the phone. In this process, the gameplay seems to lose frames and also starts lagging. Furthermore, the support forum also claims that too many apps working in the background also causes this issue.

How do I fix low FPS problems?
  1. Fix Low FPS With In-Game Options.
  2. Change the Game's Graphical Settings. Most PC games allow you to change a variety of graphical options; the exact choices will depend on the game.
  3. Use Fullscreen Mode. Most games allow you to play in fullscreen, windowed, or borderless windowed modes.
  4. Repair or Reinstall the Game.
How do you fix glitches in Bgmi?

Moreover, if players face any glitches or bugs when playing the game can contact the customer service. Players can do so by tapping on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby. From there on, they can navigate to Settings > Basic > Customer Service.

How do I fix BGMI Ping?

3 Trick. To use this trick, you have to go to the app information of BGMI game, after that, you have to open that option by clicking on the storage option, after that you have to click on clear cache.

Why is my ping so high but my internet is good in mobile?

Sometimes due to heavy traffic, the game servers can't take multiple requests and that leads to higher ping rates. To avoid the same, you can simply change the server in PUBG Mobile and see if ping drops below 100. Besides that, you can also use a VPN that will connect you to a different server.

Why BGMI is not working on WiFi?

Weak internet.
The most common reason behind facing server busy issue on BGMI is patchy internet. To access the game, players will need to have a stable WiFi connection otherwise the issues will keep arriving. So, if you are facing the issue on BGMI, ensure to check your internet connection first.

What to do if BGMI is not working?

If you are facing a problem, uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall the BGMI game from the Google Play store. It should be noted that downloading the game from third-party app stores or APK and OBB files will cause this problem to come up again and again.

Can I change server in BGMI?

BGMI: How To Change Server? In order to change the server in BGMI, all players need to do is head over to the in-game lobby. From the lobby, players can see a 'Select Mode' option which is available right above the list of game modes to choose from. Now, in here, players will come across 'Matchmaking Settings'.

So, these are some of the fixes that will help you to fix the lag or low FPS issue while playing BGMI.

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