how to report cheaters through in BGMI

BGMI: how to report cheaters through In

how to report cheaters through in BGMI
BGMI report hacker

How to Report Cheaters in BGMI and win free rewards, How to Report Cheaters in Battlegrounds Mobile India Should you encounter players that are cheating or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage over other players through use of unauthorized third-party software or methods that are not supported by the game.

 developers, please report them by using the built-in report system which is available on the score/spectate screen at the end of every match and in the Tier Overview section of their profile via friend search. This is the best and most efficient method to notify the anti-cheat teams and to get informed through in-game mails about successfully suspended cheaters.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially launched in India following an early release. Now that the game has a large number of active players, the issue of hackers and cheaters like we saw in BGMI are surfacing on BGMI as well. 

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Krafton has a dedicated Q&A section on its support page, revealing what measures you can take to report a cheater.

The developer is very clear that it will not entertain any forms of cheating, and is offering players three ways to report unfair gameplay. These include contacting customer service and using the in-game report channel. If you’ve encountered cheaters during your stint while playing BGMI, follow one of the steps below to report them to Krafton. 

BGMI: how to report cheater

If you encounter someone cheting in the game, you can report them through customer email. You will need to send a video link or an attachment video of the cheating behavior to the customer care email ID with the below given template:

how to report cheaters through in BGMI
BGMI report player website

    1. Ticket address: Report a hacker.
    2. Content: cheater nickname and UID.
    3. Video link: YouTube video link or attached video file.
    4. Cheat description: Explain the cheat tools or cheat behavior used.
    5. Cheat Tools Resources: If you know the tool used to cheat, such as a specific website, include it in the mail.

    how to report cheaters through in BGMI
    BGMI report player

    Do note that you can report a cheater via in-game customer service as well. The format and process remain the same, all you have to do is click on the Report button and follow the above steps.

    BGMI: How to report a cheater through the in-game channel

    how to report cheaters through in BGMI
    how many reports to get banned on BGMI

    You can report a cheater or hacker with the help of an in-game report channel. All you need to do is to follow the given below steps. 

    If you get killed by a cheater, tap the “Report” button placed at the lower-left corner of the result page to report the cheater.

    If the cheater is your friend or in your squad, tap the “Report” button of the Statistics page and Tier Overview page in his/her profile to report the cheater.

    If the cheater is not a friend but you know their nickname, you need to search for the nickname in the “Add Friend” page in “Friend” for the profile. Then tap on the profile, look for the “Report” button in the lower left corner of the Statistics page and Tier Overview page to report the cheater.

    BGMI How to report cheaters and win free rewards

    To solidify their ban system, BGMI recently introduced the Ban Pan 2, a continuation of their earlier method to counter cheaters. The Ban Pan system involves players reporting cheaters in-game and developers after analyzing reports banning violators. This system allows developers to ban cheaters on a much wider scale while simultaneously involving the player-base in the system.

    The Ban Pan 2, however, takes a new approach and awards those who report the cheats. Announcing the new system, BGMI stated that it strives to provide a fair environment to its players while also rewarding them for their help to eradicate the cheaters.

    How to report the cheaters and earn rewards in BGMI

    Step 1: Players need to head over to the link, choose their country of origin and age, then click on the Continue button.

    Step 2: A new pop-up form will ask players to describe the nature and type of the cheat the players wish to report. Players will also need to report the compatibility of the cheat on phone and emulator.

    The players will also be asked to provide links/download sources of the cheat they encounter if available. Lastly, players will have to submit their numeric ID and the ID of the cheater they witnessed using the said cheat. The reporter then needs to click on the Submit button.

    Step 3: Upon successful submission of the survey form the developers will analyze the report and if the cheat found is unique (with evidence) they will award the reporter a massive 10,000 UC. In addition to this, top 5 reporters will receive an additional 6,000 UC or permanent epic sets.

    Along with these rewards, the developers will award 10 Classic Crate Coupons to 3 randomly selected reporters in their weekly reports. The winners of these prizes will be announced on the official community channels of BGMI.

    It would be interesting to see how effective this new system will be in eradicating the cheaters from the game.

    Alternatively, if you have any kind of additional information, such as screenshot(s) and/or video(s), please feel free to submit this form according to each required field. Reports submitted through this form will be reviewed each week.

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