How To Get BGMI Free UC in 2022

BGMI: How to get Free UC in BGMI

how to get free uc in BMGI ios 2022, how to get free uc in BMGI android 2022, pubg 10,000 uc free, free uc for BMGI - bigboygadget
how to get free uc in BMGI android 2022

How To Get BGMI Free UC in 2022, How To Get Free UC In BGMI (100% Working) How to get Free UC in BGMI: Are you looking for a way to get free Battlegrounds Mobile India Uc? Do you want unrestricted access to UC Tricks? Then this is the article for you. Users of BGMI have access to unique in-game money known as UC. Players may use it to acquire colorful outfits, upgradeable weapon skins, and royal passes, but it is not available to all players.

How to Get Free UC in BGMI | BGMI Free UC Tricks

To obtain free UC on your BGMI accounts, there are a variety of ways and tactics accessible. We’ve included some Proven Tricks below so that you can take advantage of these freebies and obtain free UC in BGMI.

BGMI UC Tricks : Free BGMI UC tricks (660UC)

how to get free uc in BMGI ios 2022, how to get free uc in BMGI android 2022, pubg 10,000 uc free, free uc for BMGI - bigboygadget
how to get free uc in BMGI android

To begin, all you need is a Gmail account that is at least 2-3 years old for best results:
  1. Simply log in using a friend’s phone or another phone’s Gmail and buy a UC, 660 UC for 750 rs from the play store.
  2. Then sign in with that account on your primary phone.
  3. Now Go to the Play Store and look for the “help and feedback” section.
  4. There is a request and refund option there. Next, click on it.
  5. It will next ask you to validate the account you used to make the transaction with.
  6. Yes and next, then pick your 660 uc purchase, and they will ask you why you want a refund.
  7. Select I don’t recognize this transaction or charge and continue to the next step.
  8. In the following 24 hours, Playstore will validate your purchase and provide a refund.
Keep this in mind:

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The payment must be made using a Paytm or phonepay redeem code.
While making a transaction, you should deactivate your email security.
Make sure your Gmail account is at least 3-4 years old, and you have a maximum refund capacity of 5 times each year.

BGMI Free UC Tricks: Google Opinion Rewards:

If you’re searching for a way to get free BGMI UC points, Google Opinion Rewards is the greatest choice. The easiest method to acquire free UC in PUBG Mobile is to use Google Opinion Rewards. You may get 100 UC on your first 12-15 survey, and there are many possibilities to win limitless rewards in only 2 minutes of phone survey completion. 1 UC is equal to $0.01.

Google Opinion Rewards is a free software that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t tried this app yet, you can get it from the Google Play Store.

Giveaways: Free BGMI UC Method:

how to get free uc in BMGI ios 2022, how to get free uc in BMGI android 2022, pubg 10,000 uc free, free uc for BMGI - bigboygadget
BGMI free uc trick 2022

Giveaways are another way to obtain free UC. This approach is comparable to giveaways organized by social media influencers and Live Stream Gamers (Youtubers), in which fans are encouraged to participate in games and contests. Developers of BGMI games sometimes conduct giveaway events, which are a fantastic way to earn some free UC!

Amazon gift cards: This is the easiest free UC trick for BGMI:

The simplest free UC method for BGMI is to use Amazon gift cards. If you like shopping on Amazon, this is the greatest method to earn extra UC. You may earn Amazon gift cards by performing various activities on several websites and then trading those gift vouchers for free UC with a friend or other gamer.

Poll Pay, simple rewards, Google Opinion Rewards, and others are some of the well-known sites where you may earn free Amazon vouchers. Completing activities on these websites can earn you gift certificates that can be exchanged for Amazon coupons.


These are the best BGMI UC hacks that you can use to obtain an infinite amount of free UC. If you know of any more free UC techniques for BGMI, please leave a comment below so we can include them in the list. In our future article, we’ll give you a prize for the best user review. Also, if you like this tutorial, please tell your friends about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

BGMI UC Hack | BGMI UC Hack – Hack BGMI Free UC Redeem Code

Looking for 770 UC BGMI UC Hack? sure I will share some eye-opening tricks and truth about BGMI Free UC and also share my experience of how I got Free UC in BGMI.

As you can get the Free UC in BGMI that means you can also get a Free BGMI Royale Pass also. But keep one thing in mind nothing comes free you have to work for it or Pay for it.
You will find the BGMI Game 99% the same Game as PUBG Mobile, but the average price for BGMI UC is increased that is ₹89 for 60 UC Pack. (New Changes may occur)

Please be aware of FREE UC Generators available online. These generators are FAKE! they just ask you to enter your ID/Email/Number and ask you to click on the button.
But, then nothing happens such tricks are used to earn money by collecting your data/emails by fooling you.

4 Ways to BGMI UC Hack:

Just like PUBG Mobile UC Hacks there is no Spin wheel trick or Hacking script to give your Free UC. But you can get Free UC in BGMI with the following Hacks.

  1. Participate in UC Giveaway on YouTube.
  2. Find out Refer and Earn Apps for Paytm withdrawal.
  3. Follow us using the bell Icon.
  4. Play Bonus Challenge and Earn BGMI UC.

1. Participate in UC Giveaway on YouTube – for BGMI Free UC:

As BGMI is a new Game in India and it came after a very long ban of PUBG Mobile, there are lots of OLD and New Youtube Gamer eager to gain subscribers back.
And to get you as a subscriber they will launch UC/Royale Pass Giveaways. One of the YouTubers I know has already declared 100 Royale Pass Giveaways for BGMI Players.

2. Find out Refer and Earn Apps for Paytm Withdrawan:

Lots of apps are launched daily on the Play store, some of them are business apps and some are gaming apps.

These apps often give some signup bonus points and refer and earn the chance, find out the best app and collect around ₹500 – ₹1000 in your Paytm Wallet to buy the UC.
I use PhonePe and Amazon Pay there on every Recharge and Bill payment I get ₹50 to ₹200 cashback and this is how I found my way to collect money.

3. Follow us using the bell Icon:

Also, follow us on this BGMI Blog by using the Red bell Icon so that in the future if we arrange any Giveaway or have any money trick you will get it first.

I checked the Midasbuy website and it is operational in India but due to PUBG Mobile is banned we can not buy any UC for now.
But as BGMI is listed on Midasbuy or any other website I will be the first person to update offers on this blog, so make sure you follow us with the bell ICON.

4. Play Bonus Challenge and Earn BGMI UC:

Play BGMI Bonus Challenge and Win Free BGMI UC. This is once in a while challenge that was played in PUBG Mobile and may be launched in BGMI also.
Bonus challenge requires Voucher coupons to Participate in the Challenge match and you get Bonus Coins BC that you can convert later into UC.

Conversion Rate is: 100BC = 10 UC:

One of my friends is a good gamer he collected around 10 Bonus Challenge Vouchers then Played a few Bonus challenge matches and won 20,000 BC coins and this is how he earned 2000 UC.

How to get free BGMI UC in 2022?

This article has mentioned the trusted methods by which players can obtain free UC (Unknown Cash) in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers a variety of in game items which need to be bought with the help of a currency that’s present in the game. While some currencies can be obtained for free,some need to be bought. Here is how to get free BGMI UC in 2022.

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Krafton’s battle royale game for India has amassed huge popularity since its release as the game gives the same experience that PUBG Mobile once offered. From X Suits to events providing free items, Battlegrounds Mobile India has become the epitome of battle royale genre in the Indian gaming community. There are a lots of outfits, weapon skins released in frequent intervals which need to be bought with Unknown Cash (UC).

Ways to get free BGMI UC in 2022

Players have the option to top up UC with real cash. They can make payments through Codashop which is an authorised UC top up website by Krafton. As the top up amount is a bit expensive, players find several ways to get free BGMI UC and here we have mentioned a few:


Giveaways are the most common method to get free UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players need to keep a track of the giveaways conducted in YouTube channels of prominent gamers. Sometimes, players need to complete the given tasks by the YouTubers and send their unique ID in order to receive the UC for free.

GPT Websites and applications:

GPT websites or get paid to are a common method to earn money online by completing some tasks. Players can use the money to top UC in Codashop. Some of the famous GPT websites include SurveyJunkie, SwagBucks which will ask you to complete surveys, play games etc.

Custom Room tournaments:

UC can also be obtained with the help of your gaming skills. You’ll often find some professional gamers organising custom room tournaments. You can participate in those tournaments and become the winners to claim your reward. Other prizes include Elite Passes, X Suits and more.

Google Opinion Rewards:

The most trusted method to get free BGMI UC in 2022 is the Google Opinion Rewards. This method is quite similar to the PayPoll app where users get paid by completing online surveys. Players will get Credit points which can be used for buying paid apps in Google Play Store or topping up UC in official websites.

BGMI UC Tricks : Free BGMI UC tricks (660UC)

  • First, you need a Gmail it should be at least 2-3 years old for better results.
  • Just log in using a friend phone or another phone and login in with that Gmail and purchase UC, 660 uc of 750 rs from the play store.
  • Then login that accounts on your primary phone.
  • Now Go to the play store and head over to the help and feedback page.
  • There you will see an option named request and refund. Click on it, then next.
  • Then it will ask to confirm the account you used to make a purchase.
  • Click on yes, and next, select your purchase of 660 uc, and then they will ask you the reason for the refund.
  • Click on I don’t recognize this purchase or charge and proceed next.
  • Playstore will verify your purchase in the next 24 hrs and give back your refund.

Point to keep in mind

  • The purchase should be made by Paytm or Phonepe redeem code
  • You Should remove your security of email while doing purchase
  • Make sure you have 3-4 years old Gmail account, and you must have a maximum of five times refund capacity in a year
NOTE: Don’t do this shit on your main account ANY TIME DEDUCTION AND ALSO GIVE BAN, so do these shits on your fake account. Yes, you can repurchase UC with refunded money. Again and again.

People also ask About  BGMI Free UC in 2022

How do you get free UC on BGMI app?

The best and safest way to get free UC in BGMI is downloading Google Opinion Rewards. It is a reward based program developed by Google where you need to answer the questions of the surveys that are conducted in the app and in return you can get money in your Google Play Store account.

How do you get free Royal pass in BGMI?

You can claim the free rewards by going to the “Events” section in the game and then by going to the “5M Downloads Gift!” option. Just tap on the button to claim the reward and it will be added to your inventory. Players can get the following rewards for free in the BGMI Royale.

How do you get free Royal pass in BGMI?

  1. Launch the BGMI game on your smartphone.
  2. At the home page tap on the friend's option available at the top left corner of the display, below your BGMI account.
  3. Now select your friend's ID.
  4. You can see a side slider showing the player's name and other details.
  5. Tap on Send a gift option.
How do I redeem BGMI codes?

You can use these redeem codes by following the simple process which is given below.
Visit the Official Battleground Mobile India – BGMI redemption center.
Once you have reached the redemption center page, enter the asked details like BGMI ID, Redeem code, Verification code, and in the asked field.

How do you get free materials in BGMI?

Try to unlock upgradable guns multiple times:
  • (I) If you get AR two times, you will get 3 materials.
  • (II) You will get 1 material for free if you unlock SMG multiple times.
  • (III) If you get sniper two times, you will get 2 materials for free in BGMI.

How do you give the Royal pass in BGMI?
  • Receive a Royale pass 'Request' email from one of your friends.
  • Select ▲ button on the bottom right of your lobby.
  • Select the 'Mail' button.
  • Check the 'Request' menu from the Gift center.
  • Select the 'View' button on the friend you wish to send the gift to.
Can we send UC to friends in Bgmi?

Another easy way to increase this synergy is by frequently gifting items to your friends and teammates. In BGMI, players can very easily gift items to friends using UC.

How do you get skins in Bgmi?

Here's How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI:
  1. Tips to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI.
  2. Tap More than One Time. Tap on the glacier skin 3-5 times continuously while opening the crate to gain it with a high chance in BGMI.
  3. Open Crate at Specific Time.
  4. Don't skip.
  5. Don't Open All at One Go.

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