How to get free weapon skins and outfits in BGMI

How to Get Free Skins in BGMI

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BGMI Get Free Skins 

How to get free weapon skins and outfits in BGMI:

How To Get Free Skins in Pubg Mobile and Bgmi Get All Skins Krafton is offering free outfits to all players once they reach a particular downloads milestone. BGMI has recently crossed 50 million downloads and there are exciting free in-game skins for players. There are multiple other ways to get free skins in BGMI as well.

Ever since BGMI’s official India launch back in July, 2022, the game has taken the mobile gaming community by storm. PUBG was banned in India last year and since then, the community has been looking forward to the game making a comeback in the country. It finally did happen but, in the Battlegrounds Mobile India avatar.

BGMI is basically PUBG which has been made specifically keeping the Indian audience in mind. Krafton made quite a few changes to the game to protect it against getting banned in India and safeguard the interests of the BGMI community.

Download Bgmi all gun skins APK Free

One can simply head over to the Google Play Store and tap on the Battlegrounds Mobile India download button to install and play it. Krafton offers quite a few free character and gun skins in the game.

Players need to take part in events that are held in the game every now and then to get these skins. In addition, Krafton is also offering players with milestone rewards upon the game reaching a number of downloads. Previously, the game was limited to Android users only but recently, the game went official for iOS users as well.

BGMI Event and Milestone Rewards:

Krafton is offering a permanent outfit skin for players of the BGMI community as the game has now crossed over 50 million downloads. This permanent skin is the Galaxy Messenger outfit set. In order to get the milestone rewards, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, Battlegrounds Mobile India download and installation needs to be taken care of via the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users.
  2. Now, open the BGMI app on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Head over to the game lobby and you can see an ‘Events’ tab in the game.
  4. Tap on the Event tab and you can find the in-game milestone event. Just click on it and you will get the free rewards and the Permanent Galaxy Messenger outfit.

How To Get Free Gun Skins and Outfits in BGMI/PUBG Mobile

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BGMI Get Free Skins 

In addition, Krafton holds in-game special events as well which offer players with free gun skins and outfits. Recently, the BGMI community got to see an in-game Independence Day Mahotsav event and prior to that, the Future Leap event. The Independence Day Mahotsav event offered players with a free AWM skin, which is a popular gun choice in team deathmatch.

On the other hand, the Future Leap event offered players with a permanent Backpack skin. Unfortunately, these events have ended but, the game has several other events in stock for the coming days. Keep a look out in the game’s events section to not miss out on such free skins.

BGMI Elite Royale Pass Skins: How to Get for Free?

Now, the worthiest investment in the game would definitely be the Royale Pass. The Royale Pass offers players of the BGMI community with a bunch of different outfits and gun skins each season. Moreover, the good thing is, upon purchasing the Royale Pass, players get free UC upon reaching tiers. If you upgrade to the Elite Pass, you get to collect 600 UC alongside the different gun skins and outfits.

On the other hand, upgrading to the Elite Pass Plus offers players with 1800 UC. However, they cost real money to purchase. While the Elite Pass costs 360 UC, the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC for a single month. Players need to use real money to purchase UC from the in-game store. BGMI UC pricing is set as per the below shown table:

60 Rs. 75
300 + (Bonus 25 UC) Rs. 380
600 + (Bonus 25 UC) Rs. 750
1500 + (Bonus 300 UC) Rs. 1,900
3000 + (Bonus 850 UC) Rs. 3,800
6000 + (Bonus 2100 UC) Rs. 7,500

However, it is definitely worth it if you can purchase it without spending a dime from your pocket, right? There are a couple of ways to get free UC in BGMI. These are:

Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is the most trustworthy and legal way of getting free UC in BGMI. All you need to do is answer a couple of surveys and gradually, you will save up enough to get your hands on at least the Battlegrounds Mobile India Royal Elite Pass. However, one thing to note here is that it takes time so, start off early to gain a significant amount of Google Play points which you can use to purchase UC in BGMI.

Poll Pay App:

Now, this particular app works in a way that is similar to the Google Opinion Rewards. Just answer a couple of questions, complete surveys and gradually, you can save up enough Google Play points to finally purchase UC and get the Royale Elite Pass.


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BGMI Get Free Skins 

Players can take part in giveaways that are held by YouTubers or other content creators of the BGMI community. Giveaways are great for landing free UC into your account. Moreover, it is 100% legit and lucky winners of giveaways get free UC.

Custom Room Tournaments:

There are several tournaments that players of the BGMI community often hold for competitive fun. Often, these tournaments give free UC to players and taking active part in these tournaments allow users to accumulate a considerable amount of UC over time to get a Royale Elite Pass. Additionally, these tournaments also offer a Royale Pass for free upon winning the tournament.

We certainly do hope that this guide helps you in getting all your favourite gun and character skins in BGMI. Happy gaming!

BGMI Free Skins and Other Rewards Announced: Here’s how to Get Them

On November 30, 2022, the Google Play Store Best of 2022 apps and games list were announced. BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India bagged the best game of the year award in India. Now, to celebrate this huge achievement, Krafton has now announced exciting BGMI free skins and rewards for players to grab. The game maker took to their official Facebook page to reveal their free giveaway in the game.

How to Get New BGMI Free Skins and Rewards

The new BGMI free rewards include the Winter Antlers QBZ weapon skin which released way back in January of this year. However, this will be a temporary skin. In addition, players will get RP Points and also a permanent Iron Wings Pan skin.

Now, although these are a 100 percent BGMI free skins rewards, there is a catch. Usually, when such rewards are announced, we generally tend to head over to the in-game mail section to claim them. However, that is not the case in here. Nothing has been clearly talked about by Krafton in terms of how players can actually get these skins.

However, going by Krafton’s social media postings of these BGMI free skins and rewards, it seems like players will need to win a game to claim these rewards. From the looks of it, as soon as players get “Chicken Dinner” in the game, they will receive the items via the in-game mail. In here, they can claim the new rewards. However, this is an assumption and things are pretty unclear at this point.

How To Get Weapon Skin in BGMI For Free?

Follow any of the below methods to get free weapon skins in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). The best thing about these free alternatives all these techniques are genuine and officially allowed by Krafton. Let’s have a look at every method one by one.

1. Tier Rewards:

Every season BGMI gives some tier rewards such as scrap coupons, set, gun skin, parachute, frame, etc. But to acquire gun skin you have to reach diamond tier and play at least 5 classic matches by staying on the Diamond Tier. If you successfully, did you will be awarded the available gun skin of that season.

2. Premium Crate/Custom Crate:

If you want some premium set, skin, emote, or anything else that requires UC then nothing can be better than Premium Crate or I should say, Custom Crate. But it is totally dependent on your luck so it is not sure that you will get it for sure. But you can try it by collecting Premium crate coupons.

Collecting Premium Crate Coupon is a time taking process but if you don’t want to waste time then it can be opened with UC also.

3. Classic Crate:

Classic Crate can also help you earn some amazing outfits, skins, etc. It also offers two methods to open this crate one is with Classic Crate Coupon and the second one is with UC. But remember this is also totally dependent on luck so it is not sure that you will always get something good.

4. Supply Crate:

Supply Crate doesn’t have many exciting rewards but the Supply Crate Coupon will reduce the weight of AG (Ace Gold). Supply Crate can be opened either with Supply Crate Coupon or with AG but you will need a lot of AGS whereas Coupon requires only one.

5. Event Rewards:

Every month in BGMI we get some events in which there are some exciting rewards sometimes it includes gun skin, outfits, and some other rewards. In order to grab those rewards, you have to complete the given missions.

6. Free Royale Pass:

It is an event that has 50 levels which will require some missions to complete. Once you complete every level you get the mentioned rewards for free. But in free rewards are not much exciting but if you go with Elite Royale Pass rewards becomes much premium and you might get legendary items in BGMI for free.

7. Shop:

Shop is a place in BGMI where you claim any items without playing with luck and whatever you will redeem will be added to your inventory in real-time by confirming the payment. Here you have the option to either use UC, AG, BP, or Silver. Depending upon the item their prices will vary.

These are the 7 options where you can claim premium items without spending UC. But if you want some good-looking outfits, you can purchase UC in BGMI and open the crates and try your luck. If you have any queries regarding How to Get Gun Skin in BGMI For Free Without Spending UC then please drop them in the comments below.

Ways to obtain free weapon skins & outfits in BGMI

Sassy Skills:

A new event released in the game is giving away a permanent Alien Technology Scar-L skin to the players for free. Although for obtaining the free skin, players need to reach the Top 10 rank in the classic mode matches. Players should play more matches on Erangel and turn to passive game play if they focus on survival.

Limited UC:

One of the best events ever released in BGMI is the limited UC event where players can claim time-limited UC, provided they complete the required mission. This UC can only be used at the time-limited UC shop to buy different outfits, accessories as well as weapon skins.

Total Sign-Ins:

After receiving the double reward from Google, Krafton had announced free rewards for the players in the game. The total sign-in event is providing the players, a decent number of silver fragments and crate coupons. At the last day of the event, players will be given a permanent pan skin. They can also claim a time-limited QBZ skin at the 15th day.

Apart from these events, the Liverpool FC collaboration is still going on in the game and players can collect a permanent Liverpool FC Home Kit if they play with a clan member 10 times. Some more events giving away free weapon skins and outfits in BGMI are lined up in the future as the game, just like PUBG Mobile will be celebrating Winter Festival.

People also ask About BGMI Get Free Skins 

How do you get skins in BGMI?

Here's How to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI:
  • Tips to Get M416 Glacier Skin in BGMI.
  • Tap More than One Time. Tap on the glacier skin 3-5 times continuously while opening the crate to gain it with a high chance in BGMI.
  • Open Crate at Specific Time.
  • Don't skip.
  • Don't Open All at One Go.

How can I get free skins in PUBG India?

How to get free skins in PUBG Mobile:
  1. Redeem Section: A player looking to acquire some new attire for their closet can visit the redeem section in the shop.
  2. Free Royale Pass Rewards: Another option is to get some free outfits and weapon skins are from the Royale Pass.
  3. Unboxing Crates.
  4. Events.
  5. Using Redeem Codes.

How do you get free gun skins in Valorant?

Unlock free Valorant weapon skin through battlepass:

Every Event Act in Valorant has a free weapon skin in the battlepass that can be earned by completing the battlepass. For that, the players need to grind the game to earn XPs. They can also complete weekly and daily missions to complete the battlepass faster.

How do you get free fire skins for free?

Events. In-game events are the simplest ways to get free skins in Free Fire, and are frequently added to the game. In one recent event, 'Perm Gun Skin Check In', players will receive 'Groza-Winterlands', 'M14-Winterlands', 'SPAS12-Winterlands' and 'MP40-Winterlands' for just logging in on specified days.

Can I get free UC in BGMI?

Tournaments. A lot of BGMI tournaments are held daily in custom rooms. During the tournaments, the sponsors offer up various rewards including UC, Elite Royale Pass, and more. You can search for such tournaments online and then take part in them to win free rewards.

How do I redeem BGMI code?

You can use these redeem codes by following the simple process which is given below.
Visit the Official Battleground Mobile India – BGMI redemption center.
Once you have reached the redemption center page, enter the asked details like BGMI ID, Redeem code, Verification code, and in the asked field.

How can I get free BGMI royal pass?

You can claim the free rewards by going to the “Events” section in the game and then by going to the “5M Downloads Gift!” option. Just tap on the button to claim the reward and it will be added to your inventory. Players can get the following rewards for free in the BGMI Royale Pass Season 19.

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