Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings

Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings with code for low recoil

pubg new state sensitivity settings
pubg new state sensitivity code gyroscope

Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings, This article has mentioned the best sensitivity settings for PUBG New State. Players can copy the coe and paste to have the same setting.
PUBG New State is a brand new battle royale title from the house of PUBG studios and Krafton. The game features Global Illumination technology to offer ultra-realistic graphics on smartphone devices.

The title also inherits many features from other titles, including its 'predecessor', PUBG Mobile. These features include maps, controls, and sensitivity settings. Players have the option to change these sensitivity settings, as per their playstyle, for better gameplay.

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For acing every match of a battle-royale game, players need to keep some crucial aspects of the game in mind such as sensitivity settings and PUBG New State is no exception. Players need to keep the best PUBG New State sensitivity settings if they wish to defeat the enemies hassle free.

Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings

Camera and Scope Sensitivity Settings:

pubg new state sensitivity settings
pubg new state control code

Players might have noticed that there is a significant change in PUBG New State sensitivity settings. The camera settings and ADS (Aim down Sight) settings have been merged. The scope settings will determine the movement of your camera whereas the Fire settings will help to decrease the recoil. Here is the best camera and scope sensitivity setting:

  • TPP Camera: 150-180%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 150-160%
  • FPP Camera: 170-185%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 145-150%
  • Iron Sights: ADS- 90-100%
  • Fire: 90-100%
  • Red Dot and Viper: ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 2x Scope: ADS-95-100%
  • Fire-95-100%
  • 3x Scope: ADS-90-100%
  • Fire-90-100%
  • 4x Scope: ADS-100-105%
  • Fire-100-105%
  • 6x Scope: ADS-110-110%
  • Fire-100-110%
  • 8x Scope: ADS-100-110%
  • Fire-100-110%
Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings:

pubg new state sensitivity settings
pubg new state graphics settings

Gyroscope works based on the in-built sensor of your phone. Players can move the screen as well as the scope just by tilting the screen, therefore, gyroscope is significant to control the recoil of your weapon. While keeping the best PUBG New State sensitivity settings, players should remember to set the correct gyroscope setting:

  • TPP Camera: 195-200%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 110-120%
  • FPP Camera: 185-190%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 115-120%
  • Iron Sights: 180-190%
  • Red Dot and Viper: 90-100%
  • 2x Scope: 95-100%
  • 3x Scope: 80-90%
  • 4x Scope: 75-80%
  • 6x Scope: 35-40%
  • 8x Scope: 20-25%
  • Players can copy and keep the same sensitivity by applying this code: SEN-60ca36ae-a560-4fb0-9544-ceec1b2264f9

How to copy sensitivity codes in PUBG New State?

  1. STEP 1: Open PUBG New State in your device
  2. STEP 2: Search for the sensitivity settings by clicking at the upper right corner of your screen
  3. STEP 3: Tap on load and paste the code
  4. STEP 4: Click on load and your PUBG New State sensitivity settings will be reset.

PUBG New State also features new sensitivity settings for ADS and fire. It will help players to set separate sensitivity settings for shooting and spotting enemy players. Players are advised to keep both ADS and fire sensitivity settings the same for sturdy aim and recoil control.

People also ask About Best PUBG New State sensitivity settings?

How to on gyroscope in pubg new state?

  • 6 days ago
  • Gyroscope Settings
  • TPP Camera: 180-220%
  • FPP Camera: 180-220%
  • TPP Shoulder Camera: 200-250%
  • FPP Shoulder Camera: 180-230%
  • Iron Sights: 180-220%
  • Red Dot and Viper: 90-95%
  • 2x Scope: 120-125%
  • 3x Scope: 60-65%

What is the best PUBG control setting?

You can track the best movements on your screen with the help of a gyroscope and have the best mobility through the following settings :
  • TPP with no scope: 95-100%
  • FPP with no scope: 95-100%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 90-95%
  • 2x Scope: 120-125%
  • 3x Scope: 60-65%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 50-55%
  • 6x Scope: 40-45%

Where is PUBG: New State available?

PUBG: New State is now available for download from the Google Play Store in India. The release takes place only a few moments ahead of the schedule, which is why the iOS version was not downloadable at the time of writing.

Why PUBG: New State IS not available in india?

PUBG New State that released earlier today in India will be unavailable to gamers as the company is fixing issues with the action title. In a post on Twitter, the company announced, “Due to current server issues we've decided to postpone the official launch of the game TWO hours to 06:00 UTC (11:30 AM IST).

Is PUBG: New State release in India?

PUBG New State released in India is Krafton's latest battle royale debuting as a sequel to PUBG Mobile. The game developed by the Battlegrounds Mobile India maker is currently available for download on Android and iOS. PUBG New State arrives with upgraded graphics, new mechanics and features.

Is PUBG: New State launched in India?

South Korea-based game developers Krafton has released its PUBG: New State game for smartphones worldwide on November 11. This game is now available for Indian smartphone users as well, for both Android and iOS platforms.

Will PUBG: New State replace PUBG Mobile?

PUBG New State release has been officially announced by PUBG Studio and Krafton. The new battle royale game is the successor to the extremely popular PUBG Mobile and will be available for Android and iOS users.

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