How To Unban Free Fire Account In 2022?

How To Unban Free Fire Account?

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How To Unban Free Fire Account In 2022?

Here is how to get your Free Fire account unbanned with help of the Garena support team
Garena Free Fire has risen to popularity with over a billion downloads. It has become one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile devices.

The added choice of characters and their unique abilities is what differentiates it from its competitors. Free Fire has become the ultimate survival shooter game on mobile. Free Fire also offers the Clash Mode, where you can fight against opponents in a 4v4 tactical shooter.

How to unban your account in Free Fire?

But as a game start gaining popularity, people start to use hacks and cheats to rise to the top ranks. Players often use third-party tools to boost their performance in-game. The developers then have to ban these people to maintain the integrity of the game.

The players are banned permanently and they cannot use that account to play the game again. But sometimes players who have not used any such hacks can also get banned. It happens very rarely. To counteract this, Garena has offered a way for players to get unbanned. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Unban Free Fire Account?

Before we explain the process of getting your Free Fire account unbanned, let me tell you that this process will only work for players whose account got banned for unusual reasons. Yes, if your account got banned for using hacks or mod version of the game then you would not get your Free Fire account back event by following the steps mentioned below.

Method 1:

Here are steps to unban your Free Fire account:
  1. Visit the official Garena customer support page on your Mobile or PC. You can visit the page by clicking on this link as well.
  2. Once you are on the support page, you will see multiple options — Email US, Ticket Record, and Free Fire Support.
  3. Click on the ‘Email Us Now’ option and describe the issue in detail.
  4. Once done, you will have to wait for a week for their reply.
  5. If they don’t find anything suspicious on your account, they will unban your Free Fire account.
  6. That’s it.
Method 2:

To unban FF account, follow the given steps:
  1. Visit the official Garena support page by clicking on this link.
  2. Once you are on the page, log into the site by using your Free Fire account.
  3. Click on the ‘Submit a Request ‘.
  4. There, you will have to select either Free Fire or Free Fire Max.
  5. Once selected, more options will appear on the screen.
  6. Now, you will have to select ‘Game Concerns’ in the Type of Request and fill in other details.
  7. Once done, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  8. That’s it.

How to Unban Garena Free Fire ID?

Here are two methods to get your FF account unbanned.

Want to get your Free Fire account unbanned? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have got you covered. In order to provide a cheater-free experience to its millions of fans, sometimes Garena bans innocent or honest players mistakenly. If your Free Fire account got banned for dining nothing illegal or suspicious and want to unban your account then you will have to read this guide till the end.

If you have got your Free Fire account banned, you will be greeted with a message ‘Your account has been suspended’ when you attempt to play the game. If that’s the case with you then you will need to follow a few simple steps to unban your FF account.

Steps to unban a Garena Free Fire account

Contact Free Fire’s customer support using this link. You can email them about your issue. They will get back to you and ask you for the relevant details. You can also submit a ticket record to customer support. They will confirm the details provided by you and check their database. If you were banned due to some error, you will be unbanned.

This is the only way to be unbanned by Free Fire. This method will work provided you have not used any hacks or third-party tools to play Free Fire. This does not guarantee that your account will be unbanned. It depends on the Free fire support team. 

People also ask About How to Unban Free Fire Account In 2022

How do I unban my free fire account?

Steps to unban your Free Fire account:
  1. Open the official Garena customer support website on your device.
  2. Select Email us now to contact the customer support of the game.
  3. Describe your issue in the detail along with a subject.
  4. Submit your ticket, and the customer support will reach you soon.
Why Free Fire account is banned?

So, for example, if users resort to illicit programs like unlimited diamond hacks or headshot hacks, their account will be issued a permanent ban. The developers have also said that devices used for those activities will be barred from playing Free Fire in the future.

How do you solve AFK warning in free fire?

Additionally, if a player leaves a match, a bot will take control over him. If a player gets an AFK Warning, then he/she should stop leaving the games without completing them.

How do I ban my ID?
  • Ban User Accounts.
  • In the Users list, select the user accounts that you want to ban.
  • Click the Ban user button in the toolbar.
  • In the Ban User dialog, enter an optional explanation for banning the users.
  • Select a Status from the list.
  • Enter an optional explanation for banning the user or users.

Can you get banned in free fire?

Cheating with scripts or apps harms the game and ruins any players who encounter such behavior. ... In addition, if you play together with a player who cheats, you can get banned for up to 1 month. Using scripts and third-party apps can get you ban in Free Fire.

Note: We may have mentioned a couple of methods to unban the Free Fire account but none of them guarantees that your account will be unbanned. If you are clean and did not indulge in any illegal activity then your account will surely be unbanned.

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