Free Call of Duty Mobile Accounts / COD Accounts

COD Mobile Free Accounts ID and Passwords Get free CP

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free call of duty mobile accounts

Free Call of Duty Mobile Accounts / COD Accounts:

Howdy friends, today in this article, we are going to share with you the free call of duty mobile accounts or COD mobile accounts.
How I am using a Free Account to Play COD Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, my Secret but Easy Method to get COD Mobile IDs and Password through Facebook, and Gmail.

Hy guys, and we are here with another post of a free account. Today, we will share a list of free accounts for call of duty mobile, also known as COD Mobile, which is a battle royal high graphics multiplayer game for mobile, and the list of accounts that we are going to share can be used to login in this game.

About Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile, also known as CoD M for close friends, is the free version adapted for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets of the famous first-person shooter from Activision.
In this opus dedicated to portable devices in free-to-play, we find classic maps and game modes from Call of Duty, Call of Duty Cheats, Call of Duty Black Ops, and the Modern Warfare series.

call of duty mobile free account list, call of duty mobile account giveaway, codm free legendary account, free codm account with cp
cod mobile free accounts 2022

The gameplay experience unlocks iconic characters, weapons, outfits, and gear from the Call of Duty universe.
Eliminate many opponents and gradually climb the stairs of the world rankings. You can also add your friends and play as a team to earn clan rewards.

How to Copy Call of Duty / COD Mobile ID

If you really want to know how you can follow these steps. This is how to copy ID in Call of Duty / COD Mobile.

Open Game:

Of course, first, you have to open this game first. If you are not logged in, you can log in using a Facebook account or another. Wait until the main page appears.

Enter the Profile Menu:

Once on the CODM main page, you must first enter the profile menu. The trick is to press the profile photo in the upper right corner. We can press either on the photo or your username.

Select Profile Tab:

Then, you will be on the main prize page. There you can see a list of prizes that you will get if you level up. Then select the profile tab, second from the left. You can see the photo below to make it easier.

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View and Copy ID:

In the profile tab, you can see all the details of your account, from the username, rank to statistics. Since our first goal is to see ID, you can find it under your profile photo. To copy it, you just need to press the two-paper icon as shown by the arrow in the image below.


After pressing the button, your account ID will be copied to the clipboard. You can paste it anywhere like a notepad or other notes so you don’t need to open the application again to find out the id.

Free COD Mobile Accounts [2022]

These free accounts also contain free COD Points for free without paying any money, and as we know, CP is very expensive to buy, but these accounts already contain free CP or COD Points that you can use to buy different skins and to purchase a royal pass as well.
Below are the working free COD Mobile accounts which are collected from various sources.

Latest Call of Duty Mobile Accounts [2022]

If you want to play COD Mobile, you need to log in with your Facebook id or through your Google account, and for that, you need these verified IDs, and only one account can be created on a single Facebook or Google ID. The accounts we will share are also associated with Facebook and Google accounts, which are easily used for logging into your game directly.

mail Password gmazre25mle porwentaxir6001 gotrigspols addidongols62 empiresflux chirti336Xa empiresflux xadroling5686 gotrigspols

Free Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Accounts [2022]

Mail Password Ab175021343 bryan2004 boogerboy1313 Fatman007 sk618212 LadyenWilly panda100 keegan33 Love77life snooze123 addidongols62 gmazre25mle porwentaxir6001

Free COD Mobile Accounts [2022]

Email Password franko10 lylien12 15jweiner Sold!er15 BigRed07 Rm9p28hruf durant viper21 foyanherkst carsitapol352 czartomcrall

COD Mobile Free Account Rewards

If you use these given accounts, you can get free rewards like free cp and a high-level account which is quite good because if you play with an account with zero level, then the matchmaking will be with noobs and bots' players that make your game boring. If you are not a new player, you just need a high-level account, and most of the old accounts are already in use. Here is a shortlist of the possible rewards that you can get by using our accounts.

Get High Level COD Mobile free accounts:
  1. Get up to 160 CP for free.
  2. Get a COD Mobile battle pass for free.
  3. These free accounts also have some premium skins.
  4. Many COD mobile accounts have some beautiful emotes.
  5. If you are a female player, then you can also get a female character who is reasonably. attractive any may male players also love to use female characters.
  6. These accounts are secure, and there is no chance to get banned unless you violate their terms and conditions.

COD Mobile Free Account Gmail and Passwords

To login in COD Mobile through Gmail is a standard and easy method, so we are here with a list of gmails and passwords that you can use to get the login to your game and all the accounts are created manually are working so without wasting any time try your luck and try to get a better account with good rewards like CP and We continuously update the list when the older accounts stop working or their password got changed. You cannot change the password unless you have the confirmation phone number, so don't try to change it.

COD Mobile Gmail and Password List

COD Mobile Gmails Passwords codmobile-son10 codmobile779c1 codyandex3w1 grow042445cod huh2281cod codmpcc519492 cod-boogie66 codmrgan27 nomore45cod codah770
Update on January 2022

COD Mobile Free Account Facebook Login IDs and passwords

Just like PUBG Mobile, you can also use Facebook to log in to your game call of duty mobile, so we are also sharing a list of IDs and passwords, and it is also quite common to log in, so the given list below is also able to use to log in, and there is no verification required to activate that account so without wasting any time do check these account. There are also many COD Mobile account generators to generate the account, and they are also free, but this method to get an account is prohibited. Hence, we never recommend you to use any illegal method, and the given list below is totally a legit way to get a free account.

COD Mobile Facebook IDs and Password Login

COD Mobile Facebook Passwords
+12164564536 clash5454345
+12125424548 royal007/1234
+12124125455 us slash/royal
+12124354345 001clash/123
+12143543564 Clashroy012
+12165313565 1ClashroyaL
+12145343589 clashroymrga
+12136546359 nomcl/1111
+12163645353 clashroy/700

Download a list of COD Mobile free accounts in PDF form

It is not possible for us to post a list of hundreds of COD Mobile accounts with IDs and passwords because if we paste, then the post will get longer, and just like other free account posts, we are giving you these accounts through a PDF file that you can also download and use even if you are not online so click the downloading button below and wait a few minutes and then you will see a downloading notification. 


That’s the CODM account for you. We hope that you get the accounts and enjoy your game smoothly. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free and let us know in the comment section.

Attention: TechMaina does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of accounts. The accounts mentioned on TechMaina are submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals.

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