How To Mark Enemies in PUBG Mobile Xbox, PC4, PC

How to Find Enemies in BGMI: Android Invert Colors Hack

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how to mark enemy location in pubg pc

hacker To Find Enemies In PUBG MobileI will show you 5 steps to find enemies using this feature on any Android device. I am going to show you how to enable invert colors on Android and I am doing this on the latest Android Version 10.

Follow the step-by-step process to add the invert colors option in the status bar on your Android device and use it to locate enemies in BGMI.

hack To Spot Enemies In BGMI

Sometimes it’s difficult to find enemies in PUBG Mobile mostly when they are hiding in the grass or somewhere else where you can’t locate them visually. I saw some youtube videos where iPhone users showing invert colors hacks to find enemies in PUBG Mobile so easily.

Step 1. Select Status Bar Edit Option.

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pubg enemy location hack file

You need to click on the pencil icon used for edit such as add, remove, and arrange status bar icons located on the left side of the status bar.

Step 2. Drag Invert Colors in Status Bar.

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pubg lite enemy location hack app

After clicking on the Pencil icon, you will see the icons you can select for your status bar. In simple words, arrange your status bar with the items you really needed in your status bar.

Add the Invert Color Option in your status bar and make sure to add in the top three, so that whenever you need to find enemies in PUBG Mobile then you can find the invert colors option between the top icons in the status bar.

Step 3. Enable Invert Colors to Detect Enemies.

how to mark enemy location in pubg

Suppose, you’re playing PUBG Mobile then suddenly someone starts firing and you need to find the enemy in PUBG Mobile then drag your status bar down, enable the invert colors option, and locate the enemy easily.

Step 4. Find Enemies in BGMI Clearly.

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how to mark enemy location in pubg

You can spot Enemies clearly by using inverted colors in PUBG Mobile. As you can see in the image, I can see the enemy without getting distracted by the color of the grass. I suggest you try it once; Invert colors will definitely help you to spot enemy faster.

How can I spot enemies in BGMI easily?

  • What are your methods to efficiently spot enemies in PUBG Mobile?
  • Originally Answered: How do I easily spot enemies in PUBG mobile?
  • If you are playing from Mobile, you need turn your brightness at a good level and you need to keep an eye on the movements in the screen. Keep track on the movements on your screen rather than you and your teammates. The irritating part is when opponents are being snake ninjas (Proning) in 3rd person mode.
  • Try playing FPP (first person perspective) that will give fair advantages to both you and your opponents.
If you are playing from computer or laptop in emulator, you just need to check your graphics settings ingame. And be active.

How do I spot enemies in competitive matches of BGMI?

I want to specify that there is no specific trick through which you can find enemies (if you don't want to be banned.

However, there are some measures that you can take to spot enemies:

Always use earphone while in matches. Pubg uses directional audio so it is very easy to guess whether the person is moving towards you or away from you. It always gives a upper hand.
Look for the indicaters sign on map.

Yeh footprints sign come when players are atleast in your 50meter radius so tread carefully:
  1. Exception: - crossbow don't gives any bullet sign.
  2. Grenade throws will not give you location of players.
  3. Try to use the eye botton to see here and there while moving.
  4.  Play at high graphics and fps. Now this helps because the lower the graphics the more the opponent will submerge in background.
  5. USE TPP like a pro. Familiar.
  6. Use bots like a bait. the choice is yours killing a unharmful bot or killing a harmful player.
  7. Take a close look on terrian.
Now it's obvious you're more likely to find some players on mountain top or house tops if the last zone has it so you can know the map to see what are the best place to snipe etc and go for some kills there.

What is the best way to locate enemies in prone position in BGMI?

So proning people are the worst in any FPS or even in a 3rd person shooting. Pubg being no exception in this. There are tricks that i use often to uncover such proned positions:

  • Always have a good earphone in the first place which will help to hear the slightest of the movement.
  • Have grenades and smoke bombs. A lot of it. This strategy will work in the very last few circles. So have a trial and error and throw grenades at differnt location in the open ground. But do have a cover if possible. The trick is not in directly hitting your enemy but to make him to move even slightly to heal whatever damage he/she has taken. This works even for the enemies having the ghillie suit.
  • Imagine 3 squads/players are remaining and you are one of them. Now you have spotted one of the enemy team/players. Don’t go for the kill. Instead throw a smoke towards them. The 3-enemy team/player will suspect and start looking for the 2nd enemy team/player. This way you could uncover the 2nd players proned position. Once you know both teams/player’s positions, go bamboozle on them!
  • Another situation is if there’s just you and some other team/player. Have a cover if possible and peek from one side if you know the enemy knows your position. Since enemy will try to shoot you down so in some way you also know his position. Just throw a line of smoke towards a nearby cover but don’t change your position. Wait. The enemy will think you are changing your position and will try to change/move in his current position. So while he’s distracted go from the other side and kill him fast. This works exceptionally well if you have snipers that can take care of the enemy in one shot.
  • There’s lot more strategy based on situations but theae are the basic one. Now go have your “Winner winner chicken dinner!!”

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How do I spot enemies in competitive matches of BGMI?

Spotting enemies is an art which gets easier with time as you keep practicing the game of PUBG. But there are a few cues to look for as you play the game which I'll try to describe using three quick pointers.

Keep your eyes relaxed:

The most important thing to do when playing PUBG is to keep your eyes relaxed and not focus on any one thing. When you do that, something called Tunnel Vision sets in and you fail to see anything else that might be moving elsewhere on the screen.

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You should always keep your eyes relaxed and focus on the entire scene presented to you at once unless there's something worth paying attention to, which we'll discuss in the following points. That is the only time when you should focus on one specific part of the screen. It feels like you can't see things initially, but that's false as you can see every single thing just fine and react to it just as well.

Look for motion:

As humans, our eyes are better trained to capture the changes in scenery rather than static objects. As a result, it is easier to spot things which are moving than the things which are static. It'll be very easy to detect the slightest changes or movements on screen as long as you keep your eyes relaxed. And once you see something move, shift your focus to that area to confirm whether it was an enemy or not.

Check common hiding spots:

Every map has hiding spots or areas where players can take cover. Whenever you come across a new area or an area which you might be suspicious of, quickly focus your eyes and sweep through all the areas where a player could potentially be hiding. These areas include windows of buildings, trees, rocks, and other forms of cover.

Look for contrast:

PUBG works on the principle of contrast where a player always has a contrasting colour to their surroundings. If the surroundings are bright, such as out in the open, the player will look darker. If they are in the shadows, where it is dark, the player will look brighter.

how to mark enemies in pubg ps4, how to mark enemy location in pubg, pubg mobile best graphics settings for spotting enemies'
how to mark enemies in pubg xbox one

This happens only to players and vehicles and doesn't happen to other objects in the background, essentially letting you easily see if anything looks out of place where you're looking and spot the enemy. This works even when the enemy is wearing something like a Ghillie suit which is supposed to make them invisible in the grass. They just appear a darker shade of green or brown or white or yellow.

How to Easily Spot Enemies in BGMI

So here are some helpful tips on how to easily spot enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Play with Colourful graphic style:

While this simple tip doesn’t necessarily work for all players, it’s worth giving a shot. By changing your game games graphics colour to Colourful, it’ll be a tad easier to spot enemies in the game.

Use your Peripheral vision:

A lot of PUBG Mobile players don’t use this, especially the new players. This helps to scoop onto a target and it’ll help you get more intel when keeping a tab on your enemies. You can also keep your crosshair low and quickly scan nearby areas and observe subtle movements on the ground with your peripheral vision.

Look out for Campers:

While most players prefer an aggressive tactic, some prefer to a defensive tactic. Whatever tactic you choose to use, the game is about survival, so be cautious of nearby bushes and trees as enemies can hide in them. However, they’ve been there for a while and could easily take you out if you decide to pull a fast one, so we advise using a sniper or grenade to take them out from afar.

How To Spot Enemies In PUBG Mobile - Vision:

It is obvious that you will be using for vision to spot enemies for most of the time, but it doesn't mean it is easy. Especially in big maps like Erangel or Miramar, it is really hard to see other people among objects, terrain, trees, ... So to learn how to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile, you need to remember these rules carefully.

Looking for movements:

This is the most important rule and the best way to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. While the grass, the tree, and all other things can distract your eyes a lot, they don't move. If they do, there is a high chance that there is a player right there, especially when they are moving horizontally on your screen.

Looking for signs:

When looking at a compound, you can check if there are any open doors or any cars nearby to tell if anyone is there or not. You also want to take a look at places with weird colors as well.

When a player shot their gun, there will be flashes coming out from their weapon, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they are.

Focus on potentially dangerous spots:

Through playing the games, you will learn that there are certain places that people love to be in such as bushes, compounds, big rocks. You would want to focus looking at there are a first, prioritizing places that people can have a clear vision at your position first.

How To Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile - Sound:

Sound will be the second-most important tool for you to spot other players in PUBG Mobile. In order to do this, you will need to have a good pair of earphones or headphones plugged in your mobile phone while playing.

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how to spot enemies in pubg pc

While sounds won't tell the exact locations of other players, it can give you a general idea of where they are, even if you don't see them. This is really a really important factor if you are fighting other players in a big building. Knowing which room, they are, you can just throw a Frag Grenade in or pre-fire when entering the room before you even see them.

In PUBG Mobile, if an enemy makes a sound by moving or shooting near your location, you will see a sound indicator on the minimap that shows the direction where they are in.

How To Spot Enemies in BGMI - More Tips and Tricks

These rule s above are the most essential things you need to remember to spot enemies in PUBG Mobile. You should be doing great by applying those rules in your games. Here, we will give some more additional small tips and tricks for you to spots enemies better and hide better in PUBG Mobile.

  1. Bots can detect enemies for you: Sometimes a bot will just come out of nowhere and shoot at a hidden player for you. It doesn't always happen but it does happen.
  2. Use a tablet: A tablet has a much bigger screen than a phone. The bigger the screen the easier you will be able to spot enemies.
  3. Get to the high ground: High ground will give you the most vision, allowing you to spot other players easily.
  4. When you spot an enemy mark them on the map: Mark them so your teammate can tell where they are. About how to mark enemy in PUBG Mobile, just open the map and tap one where you want to mark.
  5. Choose the right outfit: The ghillie suit is always the best outfit you can get in PUBG Mobile but you won't always be able to get one in every game. However, you can choose which skins you wear before entering a game so you won't stand out and get spotted easily.
  6. Move from covers to covers: Covers are your best friend. Just move to a safe cover first and then look around for enemies.

One thing I forgot to tell you those invert colors is definitely helpful for those who love sniping in PUBG Mobile. If the enemy is too far then enable the invert colors, open scope and you can easily spot the enemy’s head and the body.

If you have any question related to the topic, ask me in the comments, and share this amazing post with your PUBG Mobile buddies.

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Now suppose In the above picture suppose I hear gunshot from pochniki then it's more likely that the player will head to school because it's in zone.


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