UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method and Trick to Purchase Unlimited Uc

UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile
PUBG uc carding website

PUBG uc carding Method 2022, Hey do you know you can add unlimited uc in your PUBG Mobile account by using our latest ‘PUBG Mobile UC Carding method with non vbn cc. here i am gonna tell you knew trick with full guide of 2022 at Free of cost.

PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method with Non VBV CC

Presenting here PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method of 2022 which is 100% working trick till date. With this trick you can purchase unlimited uc at very cheap price.

From last few days i got so many messages like – How to buy pubg uc through carding? Which cc need to use for pubg carding and so on. But it’s not possible to reply one by one and that is why i shared this trick for all of you.

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As you all know PUBG Mobile one of the most popular games in the world because this is the first mobile shooting game which have very good graphics as well as design even i love this game too.

Trust me if you play one time this game you will definitely love it. Just try once if you had never played. You can also earn lots of money if you can play like a pro.

Well, this post is not for those who even doesn’t know what is PUBG, this only for those who know it very well and also known the value of PUBG mobile Uc (unmown cash)

Before i share the trick i hope you all know about UC (Unknown Cash) if you don’t then keep reading till end.


UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile
PUBG carding uc seller

Hey do you know you can add unlimited uc in your PUBG Mobile account by using our latest ‘PUBG Mobile UC Carding method with non vbv cc. here i am gonna tell you knew trick with full guide of 2022 at Free of cost.

The trick is very easy and simple for ingame purchase and midasbuy or seagm both i will share here. Trust me guys you can buy a lot of UCS (unknowm cash) if you follow our trick properly.

This trick based with Non VBV CC so you must need to have a non vbv cc (Non-Verified by Visa) if you have card then fine or else you can also buy from us as we are top lavel non vbv seller.

What is PUBG mobile UC

UC (Unknown Cash) is a type of virtual cash for purchasing outfit and shopping in PUBG mobile game. You can buy anything in PUBG mobile with exchange of unknown cash.

I do not need to say much info about uc as you already know the value of it if you are aPUBG player. This is just for those reader who doesn’t even know about PUBG.

Now let’s come to the main topic. If you really want to hack PUBG mobile Uc then you must need to have some knowledge about carding. If you are a new in this field then just read my previous article.

What Is PUBG UC Carding

Many of you guys not familiar with carding but this post only for those reader who have basic knowledge of carding.

PUBG Mobile UC Carding is a way or trick to make purchase UC (Unknown Cash) through someone else credit card data. Most of the carder buy cc from us and convert them into real money by selling game currency.

Requirements for UC Carding of PUBG Mobile

UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile
PUBG mobile Uc carding free

You have arranged some most useful stuff in order to get Uc by using this method. So here i have listed all those stuffs. Just arrange them and follow our process.

  1. CC – Credit card – Buy CC from here.
  2. VPN – Virtual Private Network – use HMA.
  3. iOS Device – iPhone or iPad.
  4. PUBG Mobile App – Android| Ios.
  5. PUBG Account.
  6. Apple ID.
  7. Knowladge of Online Purchase.

You can buy cc from us at 4k Rs per cc or you can buy from any dark web site such as unicc with exchange of BTC. But this will cost you more.

Or you can buy cc from us at Rs.4000 / USD $55 to Rs Rs.6000 / USD $80 and you can buy upto 32,400 UC with one cc. Contact via WhatsApp or Telegram for more details.

Please note: You can also use play store instead of apple store but sometimes you will get error messages like ‘Your transaction cannot be successful 'so in this case you have to change your Gmail ID.

PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method & Trick

Now let’s start main method of PUBG mobile UC Carding before that a little warning for everyone who want to apply this trick.

Please note: Carding is a cybercrime and it’s highly illegal in India and others country too, so please try to use this trick in as safe as possible way.

Here is simple steps for PUBG Carding:
  1. Get a live cc with good BIN.
  2. Take your device.
  3. Add card details in apple id or play store.
  4. Verify the card by making a small purchase.
  5. Open PUBG and click on buy Uc.
  6. Select how much you wish to buy.
  7. Make payment through apple id or play store.
  8. That’s it. You have successfully carded UC.
  9. Hold on man, it’s just i tell you how it can be possible but now i will share full details with explain so don’t leave. Just keep reading.

Here i am going to tell you in two ways first one is with App Store and 2nd part is with Playstore and online gaming shop sites both trick is very easy to use.

You might be known there are many UC seller available in telegram or Instagram but beware there are many scammers as well, who will take money and block you instantly.

But also having some legit seller, do you know from where they bought Uc it’s actually very easy they just purchase cc from us and sell us through your device.

Just leave these all, come to the main point here i am gonna guide you everything in details so that you can also able to add Uc in your PUBG mobile account.

Carding Tutorial of PUBG Mobile UC

If you have old Gmail ID or Apple ID with some purchase history then you can easily purchase uc from 8k to 100k depend on available balance on the card.

So always try to buy high balance card to make purchase a lot of uc and open crate for any new skins color or outfit.

You need to arrange these things for this process:
  • Good Internet Connection.
  • Old Gmail or Apple id.
  • Purchase history.
  • Non VBV CC – Buy from here
  • Shocks5 for secutity reason.
  • Basic knowledge of carding.

You can also get everything from us so if you need anything then just contact me via WhatsApp by clicking here. Or join our telegram channel from this link will sell you everything.

If you want to know about non vbv cc or want to buy then read my previews article by clicking here

Now it’s time to start PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method Process.
Hope you already have PUBG mobile account and you are ready to add uc on it.

How to Do PUBG Mobile UC Carding Full Process

  • Step 1. Contact us and buy 1 non vbv cc which will cost you 60$ or 4500Rs.
  • Step 2. Check your purchase history before you add card details.

To check your purchase history, follow above steps:

For android device:
  1. Open playstore.
  2. Tap on left side corner of 3 line.
  3. Click on ‘Account’ > Purchase history.
For apple device:
  1. Open settings in your iOS device.
  2. Go to iTunes & App store.
  3. Click on apple id > view apple id.
  4. Scroll down and tap on purchase history.
  5. If you did some purchase then fine otherwise do some purchase before you add card details on it.
Must remember use only old id with purchase history to get successful otherwise you will not able to purchase Uc:
  • Step 3. After checking open payment settings and add cc details which you bought from us.
  • Step 4. Add cc number, expiry date and cvv these all details enough for any Uc purchase.
  • Step 5. After adding cc info save it and open PUBG mobile and start buying Uc.

That’s it. Keep buying 8100 Uc pack until you get payment mode declined message. You can get upto 100k uc depen on the card and your luck as well.

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So, guys this the in-game Method of UC Carding through which you can make a lot of Uc (unknown cash). If you have no purchase history then you can contact us, we’ll add Uc to your account at very cheap price.

Midasbuy Carding Method to buy PUBG Uc

UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile
PUBG Uc carding method 2022

As you know midasbuy is a popular website for buying UC, more than 80% people using this site for buying UC because it’s provided little cheper as compare to ingame price.

So after few research i am able to know, we can do carding on midasbuy too. Even it’s easier just like amazon carding.

Requirement to Buy UC with Midasbuy Carding:

As always, we need something for success in carding world so here also, we have to arrange something for midasbuy carding. Let's arrange them asap.

  • Fresh Non vbv fullz – Price 6000Rs.
  • Shocks proxy or VPN.
  • CC cleaner.
  • Midasbuy Account.
  • Latest Trick.
  • Cool and Fresh Mind.
  • Do contact me if you want to buy anything from the list. I will give you with full Guaranteed.

How to buy UC with Midasbuy Carding full process step-by-step
  • Once you get eveeything in your hand then you are ready to go.
  • The big amount of uc is waiting for you.
  • Firstly, open your device settings > apps > select chrome browser and tap on clear data.
  • Now your browser is fully cleaned, then download HMA vpn and open it.
  • Connect it to USA server because because usa server doesn’t required OTP for transaction.
  • Then open chrome browser and browse midasbuy site.
  • Select ‘Unknowm Cash’ or if you want to buy RP then select Royal Pass.
  • Enter your character ID, and first select lowest amount of UC like 100 UC.
  • And select Credit Card for payment mode then fill out cc details there.
  • Click on pay now option and that’s it. UC will be sent to your PUBG account instantly.
  • After lowest amount purchase your cc will be verified in midasbuy account so now you can make big amount purchase of uc without any verification.
Contact us To buy Non vbv cc for this trick:

Non vbv cc price 60$ / 4500Rs and with Gmail id or apple id which cost you 65$ /5500Rs (we guaranteed you that you will get Uc for 100% sure).
If you think we gonna scam you or you have no trust then please just ignore this article and leave.

Some FAQs related to PUBG UC Carding

Is it safe to buy UC (Unknoan Cash) through carding process?

Ans- No it’s not safe. carding is illegal and cybetcrime so buy it on your own risk.

Is my PUBG account can be banned if i do carding? 

Absutely NO! But there is a chance to get debited uc from your account after carding.

Showing itune store not connected why this happening?

If you have new apple id or you have no purchase history then only this error happens. In this case you’ve to change id.

How much UC i can purchase through carding?

UNLIMITED! Yes, you can buy unlimited Uc but you have to do this all-in safe way.
Is my apple or gmail id can be ban after carding?
Yes! Most of the time your id can be banned if you don’t remove card after carding.

Apple ID & Gmail Payment Banned what to do now?

Payment verification required in order to unblock, so they will ask you to send photo of recent payment card which is possible only if you are a good photo editor else forget that id.

So, guys i have added some Faqs for readers do read them and also comment down below if you have any extra question in your mind regarding uc carding method.

UC Carding with iPhone

First of all, buy a live cc from us cc cost only 4000Rs / USD 55$ to 6000Rs /USD 80$ (Recommended fullz cc which cost 6000Rs / 80$):

  1. If you have out of Indian cc like us, Uk or anywhere else then use Von with same country as cc or if you are using Indian cc then vpn not required.
  2. Then take your ios device and open settings > apple id > view apple id payment shipping.
  3. Then click on ‘Add Payment Method‘option and enter cc details which you bought.
  4. You have to enter Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV and Name as well as Address too.
  5. Once you add all details carefully just recheck them and click on Done.
  6. Now comeback to homepage and restart your iPhone or iPad.
  7. Goto itune store and dowmload some paid songs or movies. After that close itune store and wait upto 4 hour.

After 4-hour open pubg mobile and start purchasing uc from the app (you can do transaction upto 1 to 5 in per cc).

Thats all about PUBG Mobile UC Carding method with ios device guys. You will get 40k plus uc at just 4k / 55$ so best of luck.

Note sometimes you will get declined message if your card details isn’t valid or the card is not available for international purchase so in this case you have to choose good BIN which is unlocked for international purchase.

UC Carding with Android Device

This is also very easy trick and even you dont need to root your device for this method. Just need to have a cc with good playstore bin and you are ready to go.

  1. So first of all, just buy a non vbv ccnon vbv cc from any cc shop or you can also buy from us (The BIN is secret only buyers will get bin. contact us via WhatsApp +91-8145125316 if you want to buy cc).
  2. So, if you buy any international bin such as USA then you have to use vpn so open play store and download Zenmate or HMA vpn (you can use any vpn but these two is high speed vpn)
  3. Then open settings in your phone and go to google accounts then remove all the accounts from there.
  4. Now create a new Gmail ID with cc holder name and verify it.
  5. Then open Playstore > Payment methods.
  6. Add cc holder name, number, cvv and expiry date and also add cc holder address if you have otherwise put any random address then click on save.
  7. Now restrat your device and wait upto 4 hour. You can close vpn if you are using.

After 4-hour Open PUBG Mobile in your phone and start purchasing uc and use playstore as payment mode.

That’s it guys, you will get payment successful message and uc will be added to your account. You can purchase upto 80k uc from one cc but be careful your account can be banned if pubg team detect any unusal activity.

Here is Proof of UC Carding:

I have upgraded skin of all guns such as m416 Glacier max, Fool max, UMP full max and AKM, Groza, Scarel and others guns too as well as many outfits.

So, guys with this PUBG Mobile Carding Method and Trick you can buy unlimited Uc by just spending very small amount. If you need cc, you can contact me via WhatsApp or Facebook.

Buy Carded UC from us at Cheap Price

UC Carding Method of PUBG Mobile
PUBG Uc carding android

Unable to card? don’t worry we are here to solve your problem; you can also buy UC from us at very cheap price even you can buy Unlimited UC for create opening.

Here is List of Price to buy PUBG MOBILE UC at Cheap Price:

UC Amount Price Delivery Time
8100 $55 USD / Rs.4000 1 Hour
16200 $80 USD / Rs.7000 1 Hour
32000 + $150 USD / Rs.11400 1 Hou
50000 + $250 USD / Rs. 19000 2 Hour
100000 $400 USD / Rs.30000 24 Hour

Here i have listed lowest amount UC pack only, you can also order big amount pack such as 100000 lacs to 10,00000 at more discount. so why you are waiting for contact us now.

Contact Details:

So, after reading this post, if you want to buy cc, Fresh BIN, Latest Carding Trick or UC Pack then you can contact us by using above contact details.

Hope you understand this PUBG mobile carding trick, here i have shared everything in details if you still need any kind of into regarding this trick then you can comment down below. I will definitely help you out.

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